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Mayhew Library The Mayhew Library called the “Addison Public Library” when it first opened on January 30, 1892, the library was renamed in 1897 to honor both Calista Wass Mayhew, the daughter of David and Hadassah Wass, and her husband, Francis L Mayhew, who had generously aided and supported its growth during its early years. The first library building was on the North Side of Water Street, in a building that also served as a shoe shop and telegraph office. The telegraph operator Minnie Wass, was the first librarian, while her brother, Frank N. Wass, ran a harness and shoe shop in the same building. In 1915 Calista Wass Mayhew purchased the building and the lot on which it stood, and gave it to the library association. In May 1938, the devastating fire at Addison Point destroyed the old Mayhew Library. Herbert and Ross Ward, who lost their house in the fire, donated their vacant lot to the library association. The present library building was erected on this site, opening to the public on December 20, 1939. It located on Water St. across from the fire station.

The library currently houses more than 3500 books, 200 video materials and 100 audio materials. There are also many historical documents. Several computers are available with internet access.

Library hours are Wednesdays 1-5 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Contact information: Mayhew Library Association, PO Box 152, Addison ME 04606.


Addison residence are able to use several local libraries including the Peabody Memorial. This library contributes many programs to the local community such as music and art. The "Art in the Library" series is a self supporting program that was founded in 2006. It gives the artists of Jonesport, Beals and Addison a place to display and sell their art work. It also promotes the understanding and appreciation of the visual arts in our communities and stresses the importance of art in our lives and the lives of our children. The program expands and increases library usage and appreciation. Last but not least it has given the community the opportunity to see the resources available through the local artists and it serves to develop a communication between artists themselves.
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The Gallison Memorial library is located at 1292 Main St.( Rt. 1) in the heart of Harrington. It houses about 6300 books with a large collection of audio and video materials. Hours are  Monday thru Friday 2:00 6:00 p.m. Contact: 483-4547

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